About Us
Electro smart for Manufacture & Assemble Electrical Appliances one of the major players in
the home appliances field.
Electrosmart was founded in Egypt in 1968 with a dream of introducing modern and
affordable quality products to enhance customers `lives.
Covering an area of 10000 sqm. Between factories, warehouses. Factories located in Egypt at
10 of Ramadan city, ElMarg area.
Electro smart currently produces many models of products, manufactured and assembled in
its own facilities to exceed not only local, but global expectations.
There are a lot of workers in our company who are specialized in research & developing fields
in order to reach all international qualifications for home appliances.
Electro smart operates a 24/7 operating call center, to sufficiently attend all customer `
inquiries & needs with the mindset of being “partners to depend on “through our hotline
Through more than 50 years of experience in home appliance market, Electro smart
company is exporting to Africa & Middle East, though we’re still an exporting company for
millions of our national costumers all around Egypt and its govenates. Therefore, we are
having such leading position in our national market.

Our company`s ideas to exceed your every expectation.
Electro smart company for home appliances vision is to be able to constantly anticipate
customer`s ever-changing needs and fulfill them through innovative, affordable &
environmental friendly appliances that not only exceed customer`s expectations through
increased reliability but also transcend local boundaries to continue to expand globally.

“A local mindset with a global reach “
Our mission is to provide simple & affordable every day solutions that make our customer`s
life more enjoyable. Our brand`s core values rest in providing cutting –edge modernity that is
also user – friendly supported for life by the customers once they purchase our products.

Electro smart value are at the heart of our products
We are working so hard to achieve the following:
Modernity – we look for trends and innovation so that our products associate our products
with vitality and creativity and to provide you with up to date durable products, facilitation`
we want our home appliances to make your life more comfortable .It`s the reason why we
focuses on ergonomic and easy to use products that are associated with a high level of service
We have a loyal and focused relationship with our clients, we aim to tackle all obstacles with a
positive attitude, dedicated to finding solutions.

Touch people`s lives 
Take part in creating products that enhance lives around the globe on a daily basis by being
part of a leading global brand where customers are the center of its universe.

Leave your mark 
Be the change you want to see in your working environment and inspire it through your
enthusiasm to define not only your tasks but also your entire future. Electro smart is the
place where such an entrepreneurial spirit lives on.